Friday, November 20, 2009

computer, where am I?

Today it is my Mom's birthday and tomorrow is my boyfriend's birthday! They exchanged gifts today and it was pretty great, my parents got him a Redwings winter cap and Matt got my mom the Star Trek DVD. Besides birthday extravaganzas, my buddy Erica Wilson is having her bridal shower and I must answer my  maiden duties.

I finally decided what to buy for my birthday from my parents. It took me forever but I decided to get within my given budget; Canon 580ex II Flash, 5 in 1 Reflector, Flash Diffuser, Tripod, and a sync cord for off camera flash fun. These are basic things, but again I am finally building up my very own collection. The use of natural and manipulated light excites me beyond belief.

Tonight was ended with watching Star Trek while drinking "Birthday Week Champaign" with my boo. On birthdays I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for that person's existence. It is all so obvious, but sometimes the obvious can be in oblivion.

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