Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No News, New News

No news from Filter yet, or anybody else. I'm still optimistic, but I've never been one to be okay with waiting. A fellow former classmate contacted me about an assistant opportunity... hopefully I get it. It would only be for a day or so, but so worth it! I can't wait for the moment when an opportunity becomes a reality : ).

Artists give pieces of themselves, huge chunks, halves for what they love and they know it will eat them away and they do it anyways. It will be the end of them, and the beginning.

I do love this life.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I finished and sent off my photo editing test back to FILTER.... now I will constantly be checking my email for feedback and hopefully and interview. I want this jobbbb! :)

After birthday rest, I am back at the gym. My mom bought me my very own yoga mat and so I hit that up too! I am used to being dedicated to many things at once, I can't help myself. So since I don't really have anything that I HAVE to do... I just make it so that I HAVE to keep certain things up. So far on my list is.

1. Keep relationships strong
2. Apply to jobs
3. Gym
4. Yoga

What is missing is ART! If you know me... then you know I consider life experiences as contributing to my art, so this kind of counts. I believe that one needs experience to truly express the other.

Tomorrow I get to see my boo and go to a yoga class with my sister Amanda.

I need to learn how to make sushi... NOW!

Saturday, September 26, 2009



I need to be stronger and not such a baby. Wah wah wah.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Right now I am trying to work with Filter to land a photo editor job, I hope it happens! I have to go through a two part test so they can see how I work. I am absolutely excited for the task! It feels like a challenge, and I love a challenge.

So it was my official birthday a few hours ago or so and it was nice. I applied for a few jobs, had sushi with my mums and then Matt came over to see me <3

Since I am in love with Matt I have to think about what would happen if I found a job outside of Michigan. Basically it will all work out because we just want to be with each other. Anyways there is no need to worry about that just yet... it is just nice to know that he does want to be with me no matter what.

I need to wake up early to prepare for a little birthday fun!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


John Mijatovich was my first teacher after High School and in the arts. I had him in Digital Design at the C.C.S. summer camp. The first day he told us all that we were ARTISTS, I had never thought of myself as one. His speech about his career and love for the arts sent excitement through my soul and I knew that I was where I was supposed to be. He was always honest, always hard on us, and always loving.

From the beginning of our friendship we could have long conversations about life and he always made me want to work harder in life while enjoying and appreciating all that I had. He taught me that digital was art in itself and if I wanted to truly be great at it I had to learn more with design. He never gave me compliments that I didn't deserve. In my final critique in his class, the other students thought I was one of the best and he pointed out that I had a lot of work to do. I took typography and worked on my digital skills to earn his respect and my own.

In class other students would ask me for help all the time and I loved helping, but thought that John didn't like it. He was just noticing me, because he told me that I am good with helping others and asked me to be his assistant at the same camp where I first met him. By the end of camp he made it clear that I should teach and pushed me to pursue it. I had always had an interest but never really went after it. John told Community Arts Partnership about me and the whole world it felt like since everyone kept asking me if I was going to teach. And that is why I teach.

On May 5th 2008 I had my big final critique with my department. John and I would always joke how every year he wouldn't get to come to my critiques based on the schedule, so I was used to him not being there. At the end of the critique I was told that John has passed away. I did not know the pain that overwhelmed me, I had never lost a friend.

John was my first teacher that I had a connection with, and I hope to give back what he gave me; hope.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two Groups

I have two groups of friends. 

All engaged or all Artists.

I miss living in the city, the smell outside reminds me of old roommates and new love. 

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Less than a week


In less than a week I will be 23 years old. I can't really imagine saying " Oh, I'm twenty-three nice to meet you?" ha ha I don't know, I couldn't come up when a sentence where I would have to mention my age. Either way I am looking forward to a nice dinner with a few friends and my huge family. In fact my friend Maria and her boyfriend thought it was today and showed up at my house right before I was to leave for the gym. We laughed hysterically... I was happy to see her still.

Last night Ryan and I went to the Detroit Film Theatre. We arrived almost exactly at the same time. I picked up my free passes for the season, TWO FREE PASSES TO EVERY MOVIE!!! After that we had fancy soup, bread and wine... delicious. There was time for dessert so I had vegan chocolate madness and UN CAFE. Beeswax was the name of the movie, it was decent but no huge hurrah. Ryan is a friend for life.

Now a swim and then a day with my love.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Yesterday I went to this wonderful French restaurant Le Petit Zinc in Corktown with my friend Sean. The light in the space was absolutely stunning. I seem to judge places based on how the light works through it. Light is everything to me, revealing colors and textures, giving me a new view of the color wheel with every passing minute as the light changes in intensity. And the food was okay too ha ha.

Later on I found out that my boyfriend Matt got a job doing silk-screening and embroidery work for a t-shirt company here in Michigan. He isn't excited at all, but I am. Even if it is just a job and not a big career step, we all need those little steps to reach our goals... and cash is cash!

Gym time, sweat time.

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Contact

Yesterday I was looking around craigslist because I just never do since it kind of creeps me out. Aesthetically it does... creepy but unusually comfy. I came across this post in Texas about a Photography Editor/ Graphic Designer. In my main bodies of work I always seem to combine graphics so I thought this could be a good one.

Today I got a response from the owner saying that I had great work and asking if I could interview soon. I had asked for details about the job but she didn't say anything. I looked up her email and found it to be a private studio that mainly does Weddings. The photos were very nice, but I would most likely be interested in doing their corporate work and graphic design.

It feels nice to get my first contact, but I don't know if this is the job for me. The main reason being that there are a lot of studios in Michigan that are next of kin that I could work for here. If I am going to move, I want it to be for something that I can't find here. And who knew, the owner and CEO is actually from Michigan!

I get it, this is a relationship. I am not ready to settle just yet... but who knows.

Is this me?

Resumes and cover letters sent around the world trying to find a connection. This feels like searching for love again, feeling incomplete while trying to offer my full self to another being. But this time I am prepared, experienced and willing to work as hard as I have to keep my dream alive. I'm sure I thought the same thing while giving advice to my friends about their relationships when I had none. Yet this is different, I am supposedly one of the best to come out of the artistic community and no one is calling my name. Is this really me?