Friday, January 1, 2010

nyc with rc

Where have I been...

I started freelance work with Ambassador Magazine

I went to a planning meeting for teaching an after school program that I've done for the past couple of years.

I made the coolest stuffed animals with tremendous help from Matt for my nieces and nephews

Found a wedding photographer for my sister

Christmas was great! The eve was spent with my family+Matt and the day was spent with Matt's family+his friends. The most epic thing was that Matt happened to get me a whole case of coffee while his mom secretly ordered me a coffee mug with Matt's face all over it. When I get home I need to photograph the beauty of the presents Matt got me... I can't really capture them in words.

I'm in N.Y.C. right now with the Callahans. Ryan is here to stay for a 4 month contract and I was invited for the ride and the weekend. Last night Ryan fed me strong drinks and I went to bed while everyone else went to two more parties. The last thing I remember doing is trying to make my phone work to call Matt. Good thing that didn't work out because then I would be asking Matt what I even said. Most likely I would have tried to force him to take a plane out here for a day and cry if he said no hahaha. After waking up half dead we just stayed in all day because our livers needed to heal up. I should be getting to bed soon because tomorrow is going to be a city day. I like how the year is starting out so far, except that I miss Matt so much... but I kinda love that. I can hear everything from Ryan's second floor apartment, instead of people watching I'm people listening.


  1. I'm going to listen the hell out of you DOWNRIVER!