Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Now is now

This year has been pretty focused, focused on health and work. I have been getting more hours at the studio in Shelby Township and landed a new teaching job along with freelance work for Ambassador Magazine. It should be a six page spread out next month :)

Teaching 9th graders after school can be trying sometimes, but I'm hoping that we both end up with something in the end. I can remember how tough that time is, everyone wants to be the cool guy.

Ambassador was definitely a great experience. Having that under my belt makes me feel more confident about my career choice. I know that I can work efficiently and creatively which feels great. Being in your own world in college you don't really know how you will preform under a time limit and others breathing down your neck. I loved it, the pressure and delivery make me feel alive.

Today I had a first phone interview with Converse. They are looking for a in house product photographer at their headquarters in Massachusetts. It went well and I should be hearing back from them so I can come in for a real interview. This position would be a dream come true! I'm that kid with the roughed up converse shoes.... hire me please :)

Getting my old body back feels great, so far I have lost 20 pounds and counting since the beginning of February. If you don't have your health... what do you really have?

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