Friday, November 27, 2009


I woke up to a text from my old pal Regan asking about buying a mac, I was out of it but I told her to get her teacher's discount for sure. Teachers get tons of money off of everything, it is great!

I accidently ended up at Matt's game night. I just wanted my battery charger for a baby shower tomorrow but they were ditched by some of their pals and couldn't play their ROLE PLAYING game. Instead we all played MAGIC and I won one epic battle while they all had a mixer of blue Hawaiian punch / vodka... deemed BLUE DRANK. Matt got a little out of control and jumped on back causing my butt to be exposed for a quick second and I HATED IT. Then I drove them to taco bell and I got a free meal which is always worth the drive. I dazed in and out of the conversation because it was all about games.. and I knew it was time to go when they called Keith the DM and I knew it was short for Dungeon Master.

My lovely friend and mentor Peggy Day emailed me, I adore her. She is such an inspiration. Hopefully I will see her sooner than later.


  1. We gotta sneak in on a game night together... and kick all their asses!