Sunday, October 18, 2009


I didn't get the job in Seattle, sad news. The talent manger said that she would put in a good word for me to the other talent managers. I was surprised that just a  couple of days later I was contacted about a possible position in Seattle from a different talent manager. This job is very similar to the last; a contract position with Microsoft. As far as I know it would be for at least a year. I'm happy that Filter has me in mind for some positions.

Matt gave me my birthday present...... A BRAND NEW WACOM TABLET! It is so wonderful and beautiful and my new best friend. I'm so used to just renting whatever I wanted from school. Those days are over and now I can't wait to work as hard as I have to build up a beautiful collection of technology and what nots. Well I guess I just had to love Matt for this one.


  1. haha yeah I tried to grab your attention with my fb status