Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well I didn't get the job with Microsoft, I found out today. I'm getting used to it, they must know about my mac ways. Funds are running low and I realized that I can get unemployment benefits since all I've done is work since I was 15. Well it doesn't work exactly like that but I qualified. I know that I've worked for the benefits for rough times but I don't like the feeling, I would rather be working. I am still grateful because it is a rough time right now. I had not even considered applying for it since I thought that I would have a steady income by now.

I finally set up my scanner, cleaned it up and put new inks in it. This all in one monster was originally for my cake project I did my senior year. I filled it with edible inks and printed away delightful compositions of my life. I can't buy any edible inks right now so I filled it with the regular inks it came with. At least I know that when I do have enough cash I can flush out the regular ink and go back to make my edible art.

Here is a photo that I keep on my desk of myself and Matt Chung my lovely friend. We were outside on campus enjoying one of the many food feasts in the year 2008. I miss talking about how crazy and great we are going to be when we are old and wrinkly.

Ryan is leaving again for an internship. It is in New York for 6 weeks with a design firm. Last time he left for 6 months so this should pass quickly. I am so proud of Ryan but I dread him leaving. He is my friend that always has time for me. I met Ryan at the C.C.S. Camp Portfolio when I was 17, and we have been friends ever since. Six years and counting, he has been with me through it all.

(A group photo from the camp. That is me in the yellow, Ryan is the fellow to the left behind me in the striped shirt. Look at all those awkward babies!)

Ryan is clever and caring and damn it I'm going to miss him.


  1. Really great photo of you and Matt and I can't believe that camp picture. Ryan looks like a goober. Sorry to hear about Microsoft, but don't give up. I believe in you.

  2. I believe in you too! Ryan's hair is its own country hahaha.

  3. Hahahha, look at Trahan in the back lol!