Thursday, October 1, 2009

Round Two

I have made it to round two with the photo editor job through Filter! I'm so happy to hear back from them this week. The talent manager and photo editor project manager have passed my test to the in house photo editors to see what they think. I am told this is good news : )

Today is my first official day without insurance, I think my mom is going to get me some sort of insurance if I don't get a job soon. Hopefully I can make her proud and do this on my own.

Second day of free yoga was amazing again. Today we worked on balance, and I love working towards finding it within my body and mind. Oh yeah, so this yoga place offers free yoga to new people and since I have only been there once a very long time ago they gave it to me anyways. I'm hoping to go everyday this week and then back to yoga ON DEMAND... and squeeze in a class once a month. Erica came with me today. I had to talk her into it but she got something from it and will most likely come with me again this week.

I was feeling pretty stressed out before yoga because I had to buy two bridesmaid dresses for Erica's wedding and Magen's wedding. I'm very excited to be in their weddings but I am not used to spending that much money on once piece of clothing for only one day. I'm so happy for the both of them though, and really just want to enjoy the day with them, so I will.

Tomorrow is another movie with Ryan at the Detroit Film Theatre. If anyone else wants to cash in on my Fridays at the D.F.T. just tell me. Remember I have that free pass for two to any movie... so do it! You might be wondering why I don't go with my boyfriend that day. Matt has "game night" on Fridays so I just always make plans for that day haha. And it is just nice to have free movies with friends at the most beautiful theatre with great people around every corner.