Thursday, October 22, 2009

later and later

What kind of schedule am I on? It is almost 4 a.m...sheesh.

I was talking to my old classmate Nathan Lomas and thought about how much I enjoy talking to him and how I would like to keep in touch with all of my photo friends. I miss making work to show them, and seeing their works of art up aganist the wall. So I asked Nate if he thinks we could start a blog, and so we did it! The blog will be a place for us to have that creative and honest circle again. It is going to be a virtual potluck of sorts. I'm still creating a fun banner for it so once I'm done with that I'll contact everyone and hope they join.


  1. yay!! I can't wait :) this is a great idea!

  2. <3 I miss you, I want to hear from you...NOW!