Friday, January 22, 2010

giant love cloud

I remember winter break, a break from school and time to share what I learned from it. I never minded  being asked what I was up to because art school was a whole new world to me. I came back from it everyday just wanting to share my great adventures. People spoke a language I never knew I understood until I came home and no one understood what I was talking about. And now I'm confused as to where I am. In my mind all I think about is art because for me it is what I've always done but just now come to realize. Yet the people I am with don't know what I am saying. I feel no sadness about this, only wonder. I wonder how different passions drive different people. What does one expend for their love? 

When I was a small child my speech was so jumbled and confusing that my mother had to take me to a speech therapist. My mother begged her to help me so that she could speak to me; her child. It worked, I could say shoulder and solider... I could ask for an extra graham cracker. It seems that I've always had a problem with others understanding my jumbled speech, but I found a camera or it found me and I finally heard my own voice.