Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I finished and sent off my photo editing test back to FILTER.... now I will constantly be checking my email for feedback and hopefully and interview. I want this jobbbb! :)

After birthday rest, I am back at the gym. My mom bought me my very own yoga mat and so I hit that up too! I am used to being dedicated to many things at once, I can't help myself. So since I don't really have anything that I HAVE to do... I just make it so that I HAVE to keep certain things up. So far on my list is.

1. Keep relationships strong
2. Apply to jobs
3. Gym
4. Yoga

What is missing is ART! If you know me... then you know I consider life experiences as contributing to my art, so this kind of counts. I believe that one needs experience to truly express the other.

Tomorrow I get to see my boo and go to a yoga class with my sister Amanda.

I need to learn how to make sushi... NOW!


  1. i know how to make sushi! you can cross 2 things off your list by learning how to make sushi AND building your relationship with me! hahaha

  2. Let's make this happen! Sushi up the wazzhoo... and I will try to have Matt make us sushi cake for dessert. What are you doing Friday? Ryan and I are going to the D.F.T. We could make it an even bigger event :)

  3. "Keep relationships strong" I haven't heard the phone ring once since graduation (except for the time you needed you 35mm back. Relationship is slippin MickeyMick. I miss you! (sorta)

  4. Pshhh I remember asking you to lunch! Holla!

    Wanna have a photo day? OR NOT?!

    I miss you sorta too...sorta.