Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Yesterday I went to this wonderful French restaurant Le Petit Zinc in Corktown with my friend Sean. The light in the space was absolutely stunning. I seem to judge places based on how the light works through it. Light is everything to me, revealing colors and textures, giving me a new view of the color wheel with every passing minute as the light changes in intensity. And the food was okay too ha ha.

Later on I found out that my boyfriend Matt got a job doing silk-screening and embroidery work for a t-shirt company here in Michigan. He isn't excited at all, but I am. Even if it is just a job and not a big career step, we all need those little steps to reach our goals... and cash is cash!

Gym time, sweat time.


  1. Mmmmm I went their once with my Dad! I loved it, we sat outside, I bet it is magical at night. Wait I don't know if you went at night, but I pictured you their at night...

    Did you get my email in response to your facebook message? FB was being a jerk.

    AH t-shirts are awesome!

  2. Hahaha no it wasn't at night.. but I agree, must be magical.

    Thanks for being so helpful with the flashes, FB is always a jerk.

    I need to convince Matt to design us "Team Diversity" t-shirts.

  3. i would love to visit that restaurant! we should go this week, i still have to go to school either monday or thursday. you should join me

  4. I shall join you! We will make a date out of it :)