Monday, September 14, 2009

Is this me?

Resumes and cover letters sent around the world trying to find a connection. This feels like searching for love again, feeling incomplete while trying to offer my full self to another being. But this time I am prepared, experienced and willing to work as hard as I have to keep my dream alive. I'm sure I thought the same thing while giving advice to my friends about their relationships when I had none. Yet this is different, I am supposedly one of the best to come out of the artistic community and no one is calling my name. Is this really me?


  1. twitter is awesome for getting your name out,
    mines i recomend downloading a apllication called tweetdeck it makes it so much easier and simple.

    Keep up this whole blog thing too, like a post a day and also not just about yourself topics your into, start discussions on your blog about things that are happenin in the industry alongside posts of your work, get conversation flowing and creating followers :)

    Found LinkedIn really helpfull at finding connections too.

  2. also, you can control everything with your mind!

  3. I will freeze time! Hang out in Ann Arbor soon pleaseeeeee!!

  4. Tweet Tweet Stephen! How is the homeland? Miss Detroit?

  5. god i miss the d so much!
    England is pretty much the same old borring place lol

    one year left at college and i'l be starting university :) hopefully be out in ccs if i can.