Monday, September 14, 2009

First Contact

Yesterday I was looking around craigslist because I just never do since it kind of creeps me out. Aesthetically it does... creepy but unusually comfy. I came across this post in Texas about a Photography Editor/ Graphic Designer. In my main bodies of work I always seem to combine graphics so I thought this could be a good one.

Today I got a response from the owner saying that I had great work and asking if I could interview soon. I had asked for details about the job but she didn't say anything. I looked up her email and found it to be a private studio that mainly does Weddings. The photos were very nice, but I would most likely be interested in doing their corporate work and graphic design.

It feels nice to get my first contact, but I don't know if this is the job for me. The main reason being that there are a lot of studios in Michigan that are next of kin that I could work for here. If I am going to move, I want it to be for something that I can't find here. And who knew, the owner and CEO is actually from Michigan!

I get it, this is a relationship. I am not ready to settle just yet... but who knows.

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